Get to know us

About us

Erwin van Beek has always been an active individual/athlete with an interest in physical fitness. In 2007 after more than 20 competitive years, CrossFit became his sport. He had worked with Pat Sherwood (CrossFit HQ in the US). When they were looking for someone to open the flagship CrossFit box in the Netherlands, he immediately thought of Erwin.

In 2012 the doors to CrossFit 020 opened.

We have a well thought long term plan and an individual approach from a group perspective. When you step through our doors you will be part of our community, no exceptions. 020 is a bullshit free and ego free zone where we don’t compromise on quality of training and have fun.

Our coachings creed:

Our mission is to make you the best you can be and make a difference in people’s lives.

Become part of a supporting community where everyone is welcome

Get stronger and healthier doing fun and challenging workouts

Improve your life in general with the tools and programs we provide

The facility

Our facility is state-of-the-art, but not in the way of your typical big-box gyms. We don’t have ellipticals or weight machines. We use your body and real weights to create free, natural movement. We only have machines that mimic functional movement, and none of those that don’t contribute to overall health and a lean, conditioned body. We welcome you to take a look around our box and our equipment – you won’t see full length mirrors but you’ll see results in your own mirror and in the fit of your clothes when you make te move to functional fitness.

We have plenty of space and equipment, so everyone can move around freely and safely. You can take a seat in our coffee corner, where you can get some work done or hang out with your buddies, enjoying a nice freshly brewed cup of coffee or recover from your workout with a tasty protein shake. Our dressing rooms have plenty of showers and lockers.

Our team

Erwin van Beek

Physical and Mental Personal Leadership & Program Developer

ALO, Sports Academy of the Netherlands, Police degree Epierience, PDR and SPEAR combatives trainer, personal physical trainer since 1997, Crossfit level 1, Coaches prep course

Qualified Regionals 2012, 4Th place CrossFit games 2013 ( masters division 40-44), 17Th place CrossFit games 2014 ( masters division 40-44)

Fabian Dashorst

Coaching methodology and didactics, nutrition, movement analysis, weightlifting, sportpsychology.

Sport, management en Ondernemen at the Academy for Physical Education (ALO)

Crossfit Lowlands Throwdown athlete 2012 and 2013


Stress & Trauma release. Breathwork.

CrossFit level 1 & 2 CrossFit mobility Catalyst Athletics weightlifting MaStrength Olympic Weightlifting level 1 & 2 Strongfit mentorship Bokstherapie Breathwork BRTT & TRB

Former CrossFit box owner Helped 100+ people through burnout, anxiety and stress with Breathwork, Movement & Trauma Release


Physical fitness

Crossfit coach level 1, Sport studies and management (Hogeschool Den Haag)

Coaching fundamentals and dumbbells specialty


Endurance, Gymnastics

Track and Field at the Wingate Sport Institute

Rehabilitating people coming back from an injury.


Physical Education Teacher

Sports Academy ALO

Frequently asked questions

Do I need prior experience to take classes?

No, our classes are for people who’ve never done CrossFit, for those at the highest level and everything in between. We explain all the movements and help you individually. Every workout and movement can be adjusted to your level.

Do I have to be in shape to take CrossFit classes?

You can come to train with us, no matter your level of fitness, your age, you size or your physical ailments. You will get a fun and safe workout. We always focus on what you cán do instead of what you can’t do.

Should I warm up and stretch before class?

Our classes always start with a warm up, specific for the workout that you’re doing. If you find yourself with a little extra time before or after class, feel free to start warming up on your own, practice skills, or just socialize.

Do you recommend training daily?

No. We offer a complete health and fitness program, so we recommend that you take time to recover. That way you prevent injuries and maximize your benefits. We can advise you on what the right training schedule is for your level and goals.