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Jeroen van Duijn & Kees Houwaart owners of CrossFit 020

Jeroen van Duijn & Kees Houwaart


The Genesis: Erwin van Beek Erwin van Beek was a man always on the move, both as an individual and as an athlete, with an unquenchable passion for fitness. After two decades in competitive sports, he stumbled upon CrossFit in 2007 and was instantly hooked. His dedication and expertise caught the eye of Pat Sherwood from HQ CrossFit in the United States. When the opportunity arose to establish a flagship CrossFit box in the Netherlands, Erwin was the natural choice. In 2012, the doors of CrossFit 020 swung open. With a well-thought-out long-term plan, the gym focused on a group-centric yet individualized approach to fitness. From the moment you walked in, you became part of a community that prioritized quality training in a no-nonsense, ego-free environment. The Transition: Kees Houwaart & Jeroen van Duijn As Erwin’s legacy continued, the torch was passed to Kees Houwaart and Jeroen van Duijn, two individuals equally passionate about fitness but with their unique journeys. Kees Houwaart was practically born into the fitness world. Growing up in a family that owned a top-tier gym in Katwijk, he was no stranger to the clang of barbells and the heft of dumbbells. After experiencing the transformative power of CrossFit in 2012, he founded Gymbox Noordwijk in 2014, the first CrossFit-focused gym in the area. Jeroen van Duijn, on the other hand, transitioned from a career in Corporate Finance to pursue his passion for fitness. His journey took him as far as Chile, where he trained people and taught nutrition. Upon returning to the Netherlands, entering the fitness industry felt like a natural progression. The Partnership That Built a Network Kees and Jeroen’s paths crossed in 2013, and they instantly connected over their shared love for fitness and community. In 2015, they teamed up with Coach Jeroen van der Most to co-found CrossFit Leiden. This trio laid the groundwork for what has now blossomed into the Creative Sports Company network of gyms. Though Jeroen van der Most took a different route in 2020, fate brought the original team back together in 2023. Today, CrossFit Leiden stands as a testament to the power of community, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit. It is a place where fitness legacies and entrepreneurial spirits unite to create a community of champions.

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