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Frequently asked questions

Do I need prior experience to take classes?

No, our classes are for people who’ve never done CrossFit, for those at the highest level and everything in between. We explain all the movements and help you individually. Every workout and movement can be adjusted to your level.

Do I have to be in shape to take CrossFit classes?

You can come to train with us, no matter your level of fitness, your age, you size or your physical ailments. You will get a fun and safe workout. We always focus on what you cán do instead of what you can’t do.

Should I warm up and stretch before class?

Our classes always start with a warm up, specific for the workout that you’re doing. If you find yourself with a little extra time before or after class, feel free to start warming up on your own, practice skills, or just socialize.

Do you recommend training daily?

No. We offer a complete health and fitness program, so we recommend that you take time to recover. That way you prevent injuries and maximize your benefits. We can advise you on what the right training schedule is for your level and goals.